Kimberly Turner Fund

   Kimberly Turner is a very good friend of mine who I often refer to as my surrogate "LA Mother". I had the pleasure of connecting with Kimberly through my friend Blake aka BlakeQuake Beats. When I first moved to Los Angeles in December of 2018 I was looking for a temporary place to stay and moved into Kimberly's home in the Highland Park neighborhood. She was so gracious to open up her home to my dog Django and I and we became fast friends. I'll always look back on that period with fond memories and so much appreciation for having such a stable place to call home upon moving to a new city. 
   Kimberly is incredibly funny, sweet and talented. Her love of animals is incredibly strong as she has two dogs Kitty and Ting Ting. She loves spending time with my dog-son Django and I want to show my gratitude. She has an array of skills in crafting beautiful homemade goods and I hope to create a platform to also share her creations. 
   Kimberly lives with an ankle problem which gives her chronic pain issues. With the funds raised through some of my garments I would like to help her get on a CBD regimen to help subside her discomfort. 
Thank you for your support!